Pearl PMBDL3 Multifit Bass Drum Legs

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These legs are in as new condition. 

Pearl PMBDL3 Multifit Bass Drum Legs The PMBDL3 Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs allow any sized wood hoop bass drum to be adjusted for rock-steady performance in a flat playing position. No longer do players have to struggle with balancing drums on chairs or playing at an awkward angle on an unstable stand. Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs solve all of these problems with a compact and easy to install design. The set includes 3 height and angle adjustable legs, and are made to fit any shell depth from 10”-24”, allowing for independent heighth and tilt adjustmant on any diameter drum. This non-invasive, non-permanent compact leg design is perfect for solo chamber music, concert ensembles, marching sidelines, and in the stands – anywhere you need a drum flat. Easily convert a spare drumset bass drum into a leg mounted gong bass. The set installs in roughly 30 seconds, and collapses to smaller than a standard cymbal stand for easy transport. Add amazing versatility to your percussion and Drumset set-ups with Pearl’s Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs!