MXR FullBore Metal Pedal

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MXR FullBore Metal Pedal 

In Great Condition has a little Patina on the casing otherwise Works and plays like new. 

Over-the-top high gain distortion. The MXR Fullbore Distortion has everything you need to super charge your guitar signal with ultra-high-gain distortion. Featuring a 3 band EQ for fine tuning, a Mid Scoop button for alternate voicing, and a on-board Noise Gate to keep your tone crisp while adding definition to riffs. The M116 from MXR is a rugged metal machine that will take your tone to metal utopia.


  • Three Band EQ w/ Sweepable Mids
  • Switches for Gate & Scoop
  • Built-in Noise Gate
  • Small MXR size case
  • True Hardwire Bypass
  • Three LEDs
  • All Analog Circuit Path
  • Power: ECB003 AC Adapter or Single 9 volt battery