DOD Tech 4 Guitar pre amp

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re Owned Guitar pedal 
It's a preamp and digital effects unit - features analog compression and distortion/OD (same chips as the grunge pedal if I remember correctly)
30 factory presets plus 30 spots for the user bank 
Very similar to other multi-fx units from the 90's, though I think that the analog elements of the signal path really set it apart. 
Buttons on the face adjust the various effects, pedal triggers on the bottom scroll through the presets. Single knob for master output level. 
Mono in/out, 1/4" input for an external footswitch next to the power
Takes a standard 9V adapter (not included) 
Some minor scratching on the face, but no damage to the buttons or display. There's some rust spots/discoloration on the metal underside that I attempted to buff out, very minimal and completely unnoticeable.
It's simpler, smaller, and sounds better than most comparable models