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Pre Owned DIGITECH DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER With strong magnet that will keep it safe and secure on your fridge but isn't restricted to kitchen use. It features a 2MB built-in memory, 25 minute maximum recording time, 3 folders being able to hold up to 50 messages, and a digital clock with seconds displayed if you need to time something. Use it for your shopping list, as a reminder of the chores the kids need to do whilst your not there or even to record the ingredients mentioned on one of those quick cooking commercials where you can never find a pen to write them down.

• Electronic volume control
• Mono built-in microphone
• 28mm(dia.) built in speaker
• LCD screen
• Battery indicator
• Requires 2 x AA batteries (Use SB-2424)
• Measures 130(L) x 66(H) x 17.2(W)mm