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Cherub WCP-60G Clip On Acoustic Electric Guitar Pickup Musical Instruments Accessories Convenient, quick and easy, this Cherub clip-on pickup makes amplifying your acoustic guitar about as simple as it gets. Just clip it to the soundhole and plug it in! Remove it just as quickly! The WCP-60G pickup is designed exclusively for the acoustic guitar, it is able to pick up the original tone of your guitar regardless of any background noise Features: .Easy to use pickup, just clip onto the sound hole .Fits most acoustic guitars .Has a 1/4" jack plug .Long lead for added versatility .With its small construction it keeps out of your way when playing Specifications: .Brand: Cherub .Model: WCP-60G .Color:Black .Cable Length:3000mm .Package Weight:50g .Package Dimensions:90*35*55mm .Packing:English Colorful Box Package Content: .1 x Cherub WCP-60G Guitar Pickup .1 x User Manual in English & Chinese