Boss GE-131 Graphics Equaliser

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Boss GE-131 Graphics Equaliser in good condition 

The GE-131 is a 31-band graphic equalizer which features profes­sional-level sound quality and versatile functions. Minute sound control over a full one-third octave range from 20Hz to 20kHz Is provided, giving you the kind of control that Is demanded by professionals in sound reinforcement (PA) and studio applications. Ideally suited for such applications, the versatile GE-131 is also suitable for use with guitars, keyboards and other musical instruments, and provides a selectable boost/ cut range of ±15dB or ± 6dB for all bands. The ± 6dB range is ideal for the minute adjustment required in sound reinforcement or studio applications, while the ± 15dB range allows a coarser adjustment suitable for aggressive equalization of Instrument sounds.