Behringer T1953 Tube Ultragain Processor

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Behringer T1953 Tube Ultragain Processor

The Tube Ultragain is the best preamplifier that Behringer has ever produced. Not only did they choose the highest components available; in the input section circuitry they've bordered on breaking the laws of physics. With impressive results: absolutely pure audio quality and unbelievable detail resolution. Input gain is adjustable from +10 to +60 dB. Phantom power is switchable per channel, with a "soft mute" function to ensure noise-free switching.

Versatile and useful "Tube" 2-Channel mic preamp, line drive, and DI box

Original ULTRAGAIN is a staple in studios because it gives you the extra clarity and punch missing from your mics

Unique mic preamp provides unmatched sound quality with an incredible dynamic range of 130 dB!

Gain is adjustable from +15 to +55 dB

"Ultra-Tube" circuitry adds more warmth without distortion or noise.
Add in as much tube enhancement as you can handle with the independent "Warmth" control

Legendary Sovtek tubes; huge, backlit analog VU meters and a slick chrome "Retro" front panel design and vintage style knobs that take you back to the future round out this package

Phantom power is available on each channel

"Soft Mute" feature ensures that there's no "thump" when unit is enabled

Mic/Line switch lets you choose Line input or Mic input

12 dB per octave switchable Low Cut filter can be swept from 15 Hz to 350 Hz to eliminate stage "rumble" and tighten up tape tracks in the Line Mode

Phase Reverse function minimizes anti-phase effects and is also essential when decoding MS (Middle/Side) miking effects

Converts between the semi-professional standard of -10 dBV up to the professional +4 dBu professional standard or vice versa

Servo-balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs on gold-plated connector